Activity status on the Instagram conveys the data about when were you active last time to all others connected to you as followers. This means that if you are active anytime on this network then all would be able to judge that. This is somehow not good for all of the users those who are demanding the complete anonymity.

Steps to Hide Your Activity Status on Instagram:

#1 First of all, go to the Instagram app on your device and then log in to your account. Remember that you should log on to the account for which you wish to have the activity status hidden, this is obvious indeed. After logging in to your account on this app please follow up to the next step so as to proceed with the method.

#2 Once into your account on the Instagram simply go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon. This is really simple to do and if you are the one having the basic knowledge of using this app or you are familiar with the Instagram app then this step will be all done easily by you.

#3 Scroll down the navigation bar inside the profile and then click on the last icon there. Again you know that the last icon is easy to locate the profile. This icon is the user account icon that is all connected or related to your account activity. If you are using the iOS then to reach to the user account activity you will have to first click on the three dots menu over the top corner and then hit the gear icon inside it. Rest all is same and you just have to reach to the user account settings.

#4 Scroll down the settings and then simply search for the option named Show Activity Status. This activity would be enabled by default and this is only responsible for showing your last seen activity to others. Aside from it will be the toggle button, slide to disable the toggle and switch it to off, the Show Activity Status option will be disabled thereafter. From now onwards no one shall be able to see your account activity and this will be all hidden. The process is fully reversible and you could revert it back at any time!

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