Yesterday you were in Whatsapp online and did not even reply to my message” – it’s often the case that everyone’s face!

Whatsapp hammers are drowning. There are so many conflicts. Even if the phone screen is locked, sometimes showing you online. There are conflicts between people.

What happens ?

In fact, if you use the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone uses Whatsapp comes out of Whatsapp as soon as it goes into other apps like Facebook and Gmail. That means Whatsapp is active. In the foreground we only show it online when we use it.

But sometimes when our time is bad .It shows that we are online or not online.

There are many reasons for this. Whatsapp server is often overloaded. So you have Whatsapp installed on a few million people around the world. At least every iod can go to Whatsapp for about ten and twenty minutes. Whatsapp connects to Whatsapp server on their phones in the background when you try to register Online My, Offline My Name when you have your unique ID .. When the Whatsapp server is overloaded, you will need to wait another few seconds. That is why it shows that your friends are online for over 5-20 seconds, even if you’re going to have Whatsapp on the go.

Whatsapp shows your friends that you have come online for a few seconds, even if you change your phone from WiFi to mobile data, from mobile data to WiFi. This is because the Whatsapp client is disconnecting the Whatsapp server.

Whatsapp also uses Whatsapp on Computer through Whatsapp .. When you go back to Whatsapp and switch back to different tabs, the rest will show you are online.

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