A Telugu Character Crashing IPhones, Big Bug in the Entire History Of Apple IOS

There’s often a lot of bugs in the Apple iOS operating system listening to. In the last few months, we heard a wide variety of compilers that the characters on the keyboard are not typing properly.

This disables access to the Whatsapp and other social media messages.

Watch the below video.

In the entire Apple’s history, it’s has been the first time that a Telugu alphabet has been crashing apps. See a Telugu character appearing in the following video via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail and Messages. The app will crash into the applause she reads.
This is not just a problem for iOS. Messages app is crashing when it comes to opening the Telugu alphabet in Apple operating system Mac. Process [56359] crashed: Messages. Too many corpses being created “will be shown in the error message.

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