Ark survival is comming to Android and ios | Apk download | All about ark survival

Studio Wildcard and War Drum Studios have joined forces to bring the ARK: Survival Evolved experience to mobile. The iOS and Android port of the game was designed and developed by War Drum Studios, and is a free-to-play version of the game which is designed to give mobile gamers the full online survival experience from the PC and console versions of the game.

In addition, War Drum has launched the limited closed beta on iOS to test the game ahead of a worldwide launch later this spring. Interested ARK survivors can visit to sign up for news on the game’s development and for your chance to participate in the mobile beta.

For Android download apk : ARK: Survival Evolved

Users will find a limited Beta of the game live now, and both iOS and Android will be getting the full version “later this Spring.” As such, as it is with any developer announcement – no matter how excellent they are – we’ll expect this game to be released this summer.

The mobile version of Ark: Survival Evolved includes 80-plus dinosaurs that players can either tame, train, ride, breed, or hunt. The mobile version will also have a large-scale multiplayer component where players can partner with up to 50 other players to help explore the environment.

Everything else in the mobile version of Ark: Survival Evolved is how you’d expect it to be from playing the PC or console versions. Players will find themselves on a dangerous island teeming with dinosaurs and diverse biomes and must scavenge, hunt, and craft what food and tools are required to survive.

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