Does a larger RAM means better performance?

Most of the time people are getting confused on what the processor and RAM really do. Today’s marketplace has been bombarded by tons of smartphones with different specifications that’s why choosing a smartphone which suits you has become a daunting task. Which one makes the phone run faster? Is it the processor or the RAM?

More ram means better performance?

When you go for a smartphone, the only aspect related to RAM which is of importance is the size. It’s very simple, more the RAM, more is the info that can be stored and accessed by the system. Normally you should not bother about the power consumption of the storage as it is a small fraction of the processor and the display consumption rates.

Currently smartphones with 3 GB RAM are very rare, only high end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offer that to the consumers. The trend of stacking up RAM gained pace till 2 GB but now it has halted, probably because of the apps which don’t need that much of space. But in the coming year with the arrival of 64 bit chipsets, we will see more phones with 4 GB and higher RAM. iOS and Windows Phone users don’t face any severe RAM issues even in the low end devices, but Android is still not there yet.

Increasing RAM will definitely give users a performance boost, but for most moderate to heavy users, 2 GB RAM is enough considering the trending apps in the present time. It is also expected that future Android versions will be more resource efficient similar to Windows Phone and iOS. Google has already started this by making Android KitKat more resource efficient and compatible with as low as 512 MB RAM.

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