How to get free credits and money for any game ?

It is always a good experience to get stuff without working hard for that. We understand this and hence brought a way to get this done. So, if you have a rooted Android device, get ready for the upcoming action.

Game Killer is a multipurpose tool to hack android games easily. With Game Killer, you can famous offline games on your android phone or tablet. You can hack the game resources which includes gems, diamonds, coins, power, money, cash and more. Game Killer allows you to hack famous android games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Hill climb racing. The main requirement to use this tool is your Androiddevice should be a rooted device. Once your device is rooted you can proceed to hack android games.

Here is the simple process to hack android games using game killer. Here are the steps that you should follow to hack android games using game killer.

First, download and install game killer app on your rooted android device. Download the apk from google.

Open the .apk file. Install it.

Open the app and grant superuser permissions[root permission].

Now just minimize the game killer app. You will be able to see the game killer icon on the left top of your screen.

Now tap and open the game which you want to hack.

Just pause the game and check the game score/coins or anything whatever you want to Hack.

Tap on the Game killer icon appearing on the top left. It will open game killer window.

Enter the number at that instant which may be coins/score, in the search field (set data type: AUTO IDENTIFY). Now you will find a list of memory locations with the similar value is stored. At the first try, there many locations which has the same value.

So you have to play the game so that the coins/score should change.

Again search the new value in Game Killer so that you will find less results this time.

Keep on doing this until it shows you one result.

Now you have the results on the screen, click the results and change all the values.

That’s it. You are done. This is the easy and simple tutorial to hack android games using game killer.

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