How to get Free Unlimited V-Bucks in Fortnite

Just like every other free to play game you’ve ever tucked into, Fortnite: Battle Royale earns its keep for ongoing maintenance and development using a virtual currency which is exchanged for cosmetic items and other goods. The currency in this case is called V-Bucks, and you can use it to grab new skin outfits, gliders, harvesting tools from the store, and give your character a little extra flair in is a trick get free V-Bucks.

There’s good news for those of you with lighter wallets, however. If you’re more time-rich than cash-rich – and if you don’t mind grinding out a significant number of games – then there are some methods for getting hold of more V-Bucks, and without spending a cent. The only remaining snag is that you need to have purchased the single-player Save The World section of the game at some point.

If that scenario does apply to you, however, then in this article you’ll be able to find an at-a-glance reference for all of the free V-Bucks methods that are currently known. We’ll pass on Epic Games’ own warning as well that you should be very careful about clicking on links to get free V-Bucks or installing hacks – you stand a very real risk of losing your account, or worse your money if you’re asked for anything up front.

How Much do Fortnite V Bucks Cost?

  • 1,000 V Bucks – $9.99
  • 2,500 V Bucks (+300 Bonus) – $24.99
  • 6,000 V Bucks (+1,500 Bonus) – $59.99
  • 10,000 V Bucks (+3,500 Bonus – $99.99

Free V-Bucks from Daily Log-Ins

This is pretty much the easiest – albeit slowest – way to get your hands on a little extra free cash. Logging into the game each day will provide you with a small amount of the currency, and the bonus resets every day.

Just remember to fire the game up every single day and start banking those free V-Bucks – it’s not the fastest route towards tricking out your character, but it all adds up over time and it remains the most dependable ongoing route towards fattening up your wallet.

Trick to get unlimited V-Bucks in fortnite

Free V-Bucks from Daily Quests

When you log in to the core Fortnite game you’ll be offered rotating missions from the Daily Quest system. Once you’ve completed each one, you’ll get your free V-Bucks and you’ll be able to spend them on items for the Battle Royale mode.

Here’s the complete breakdown of each Daily Quest, with details of how to complete each one and the rewards you’ll receive for doing so:

  • Daily Destroy (Arcade Machines) – Destroy 6 Arcade Machines in successful missions (often found in City zones) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Fire Trucks) – Destroy 3 Fire Trucks in successful missions (often found in City zones) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Garden Gnomes) – Destroy 3 Garden Gnomes in successful missions (often found hidden in every zone) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Park Seesaws) – Destroy 8 Park Seesaws in successful missions (often found in Suburban zones) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Propane Tanks) – Destroy 10 Propane Tanks in successful missions (often found in Industrial zones) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Server Racks) – Destroy 4 Server Racks in successful missions (often found in Bunkers and Shelters) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (Teddy Bears) – Destroy 8 Teddy Bears in successful missions (often found in Suburban zones) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Destroy (TVs) – Destroy 20 TVs in successful missions (often found in Suburban zones) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Scouting Cities – Discover 10 City Locations; Police Stations, Fire Stations, Hospitals, Parking Lots and Decks – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Scouting Industrial Construction – Discover 5 Industrial Construction Sites – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Scouting Rural – Discover 6 Rural Locations; Bunkers, Shacks and Ruined Houses (found in Forests and Grasslands) – 50 V-Bucks
  • Daily Scouting Shelters – Discover 8 Outdoor Survivor Shelters (found in all zones) – 50 V-Bucks.

Complete Storm Shield Missions

Another trick to earn V-Bucks is to complete Storm Shield Missions. These are missions in each of the four areas that you unlock as your progress in the main storyline in Save the World. Each area has 6 Storm Shield Missions initially, with the remaining four unlocking as Side Quests (more on that in a bit) as you advance even further in the game. You earn 100 V-Bucks for all but the tenth mission, which earns you 150 V-Bucks.

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