How Fitness bands work ?

Technology is growing/developing in the Blink of an eye. Today we have everything at our finger tips. To measure our health and how many calories we burn and how many foot steps we walk  there are wearables called Fitness bands/bracelets. Ever wonder such a small piece of technology can do all the things check our heart rate our BP ?.  well here is an article how they function.

Almost all of today's fitness bracelets available in the market are based on a three-component Accelerometer that enables measuring acceleration against the three axes, i.e. start and end of the motion, and its intensity. A regular Accelerometer used in Jawbone UP! consists of two electrically charged plates and a small counterbalance in-between. When the sensor is still, the counterbalance is located right in the middle. However, once you start moving, the counterbalance moves from one plate to another and the sensor registers the motion.

Yet, gathering data about the motion is only one task of many to be completed by a tracker gadget. The device should process this data so that we, users, are able to view it properly on the screen. Different gadgets use different algorithms to calculate the gathered data in the most precise and useful way.Some gadgets simply count steps, while others such as Nike FuelBand convert all data into their own units (e.g. fuel) and count calories and other factors. These algorithms are, as a rule, kept a closely guarded secret and are changed every now and then.

To ensure accuracy of the gathered data, wearables makers such as FitBit test the data against the same data received by other devices. For instance, precision of calorie estimations is tested against precision of calorie estimations made by a portable telemetric oxygen uptake analyzer.

The ways wearables are synced with a smartphone are different, too. For instance, Shine and FitBit sync via BlueTooth which appears to be the most popular method so far. However, in order to save battery life, Jawbone UP! syncs with an iPhone via an embedded mini jack and earphones slot.

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