How to connect Jio phone to your Tv

Jio Phones are now available at every corner of the country providing various features. Jio phone provides free TV with the unlimited 309 plan.

Wonder you can connect your Jio phone to your TV and enjoy HD streaming channels.

Here is an article which helps you connect your Jio phone to your TV and enjoy various channels

The JioPhone TV Cable will allow users to connect their feature phone with CRT televisions as well as those with HDMI ports. The cable supports 720p playback on HD TVs and will be sold with two kinds of adapters.

The Jio Phone TV Cable (Media Cable) comes with two variant adapter, One is RCA Adapter & another is HDMI Adapter. So Both Old & Smart TV can be connected by this cable.

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To start with, the JioPhone does not come with the TV cable in the box. You will be required to pay an additional amount to get the connectors and cables. Now, there are two type of connectors which are compatible with the phone. If you have an LED TV, there’s a connector for the HDMI port, while CRT TV users get a connector for the RCA port. Connecting the cable is fairly simple. You simply plug in the HDMI/RCA cable, and the other to the JioPhone.

Now as your setup is ready, you need to go to the JioTV app on the JioPhone. The app live streams supported channels. There are over 100 channels in the JioTV app. However, access to JioTV will cost you Rs 309 per month, and the plan also includes voice calls and data services. One must understand that the channels are streamed from the phone to the TV, and using the mobile data. If you plan to extensively use this functionality, it is recommended you choose a tariff plan accordingly.

Given that channels are streamed from the phone to the television set, the navigation is also through the phone. Basically, instead of a dedicated remote, you need to use the phone s navigation buttons to switch between channels. Interestingly, even as you stream TV channels from the phone, you can continue using the phone for other apps

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