How to get 15X Scope in PUBG

15X Scope!!!!!!.Yes you heard it right normally a player may get a 2X, 4X,8X Scopes but getting a 15X Scope is like hitting a jackpot of million dollars for a Pro Player of PUBG. At first it may seem Difficult and hard to find even an 8X Scope in PUBG But with tactical and some intelligent moves you can get an Amazing Scopes suited for your Gun in the game.

How to Get 15X Scope

Here are the tricks and tips of how you can get a 15X SCOPE in PUBG so get Started.

The first and the foremost trick is getting landed in a heavy loot PUBG there are many areas which have a hefty amount of guns that are totally Awesome like Kar98k but getting is the foremost thing and the ammo for it is the worst thing sometimes we may get large heavy guns that fire rapid rounds like AKM And M416 and we find so little amount of Bullets which is very irritating and mind twisting. ​

Here are the best places to land in the Maps ​For Hefty Looting

School in Erangel :

A Highly Contested area, this school acts as a natural Arm  Spot for many players due to its central location on the map. The school Has a large number of potential military-grade gear Weapons, making it a Hot-gate of  Weaponry  throughout the early game. Vehicle spawns are dotted all around this focal point too, making it the ideal spot to land for someone willing to risk the Life.Those looking for a head start should try and land on the roof when possible, as this could potentially place you right on top of your first weapon spawn, giving you the Whole advantage.

Anyone who does land here should pay special Skills when leaving however. The nearby apartment buildings are also fairly popular, and players have been known to camp  on the rooftops to catch out anyone looking to enter or exit the school.

Military Base inn Erangel:

The Military Base, on Erangel’s smaller, southern island, has the most consistent amount of high-quality, military-grade loot. Military grade means things like level 3 helmets and body armour, plentiful scopes and attachments, medical gear and assault rifles.

It’s almost always busy, but it’s so huge that your whole squad could loot it and not notice another one doing the same. Aim for the three long buildings in a U-shape for dense amounts of loot that’s easy to work your way through. If you can get here from a flight path that’s quite far away, say via fast vehicle like bike, then it’s an incredible place to loot in peace – but just be wary of “bridge trolls” waiting to ambush you on the way to the mainland.

Pecado in Miramar :

Miramar is home to some of the most impressive cityscapes yet released in PUBG, but one of the best places to drop is a tiny little industrial hamlet right in the middle of the map. Pecado is located northwest of Los Leones (right along a crusty mountainous ridge), and if you land on top of the abandoned boxing arena, you can easily drop through the roof and pick up a boatload of level-three gear early. Better yet, the central location means you’re pretty much guaranteed to be in the first circle. As the meta shakes out, perhaps Pecado will shape itself into an early-game bloodbath, but right now it feels distinctly overlooked compared to the other hotspots.

Campo Militar in Miramar :

Remember the Military Island on Erangel? You know, that uber-congested fortress that rewards you with an incredible arsenal if you manage to survive the rabid scramble? Military Island is a great place to either set yourself up for the late-game, or watch your campaign come to an end in about 20 seconds. Miramar keeps that tradition alive with Campo Militar.

Located in the extreme northeast corner of the map, Campo Militar will douse you with oodles of weaponry (snipers, assault rifles, attachments) in both the massive concrete office building in the center of the base and the surrounding warehouses. The remote location means you won’t have to worry about any crossfire or flanks, but you will inevitably have to fight off everyone else who had the same idea as you. As always, the military base pays dividends to anyone who manages to come out on top. Also, given that Campo Militar isn’t on an island, you’re not quite as sealed off from the rest of the playing field. It’s a lot easier to get out of dodge compared to the two lonely bridges out of Sosnovka.

 AirDrop Supply

Few minutes after the match starts (when all the players get on the plane), crates with supplies will begin to fall from the sky. A plane will appear every several dozen seconds and drop the supplies in a random location. When it hits the ground, you can open it and collect useful (and often not available anywhere else) items. Inside the crates, you can find   Weapons and  you may  have the Chance to get the         Required 15X Scope.

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