How to get credits in Modern Combat 5

Everyone knew the credits and the most hard thing to get them. because you need to buy them. but here i will tell you some ways how to get them from the game and easy ways.

here i will explain to you what to do to get them in legal and fast way without any problem. you just need to follow what they want in the game.


you have here 2 league and both if them will give to you credits and rewards. but the squads league. you need to join to a group and play like a team. and that’s will earn to you credits.

  • Soldiers league.
  • Squads league


Here you will find a lot of modes you will choose them to play. like free for free or team mode. it’s depend of you what do you want. also it’s include the VIP mode. but you will see every mode will give to you the details about every mode what will it give to you. and most of them give to you credits.


it’s the fastest way to get Credits from there. and here you need to play online with other players. and it’s depend of you how much you will kill and be killed. try to be the fist one in VIP game. because you will get more Credits for that. and most of player playing VIP mode. because it’s the best and the fast way to get credits.

Complete the Missions

you need to go to the camping, you will find there a lot of missions. and every mission, they explain to you what they give to you Credits or Rewards……etc. but also you need to get 3 starts. if you get 3 stars they will give to you more rewards and credits.

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