How To send whatsapp photos / Videos / Media without losing Clarity.

In Whatsapp, we often share photos with friends. But they go to the top and find that they are compressed and falling badly. The photo clarity will be decreased a little bit.

The Whatsapp company uploads the photos and videos all the way to be compressed to avoid being overloaded on the server. This may be for any printing needs, or to provide quality photos for other purposes that are not dependent on Whatsapp.
But by following the little technique, you can send us the high quality photos of Whatsapp directly without any third-party apps. In the meantime we have a chat with any contact, or in Whatsapp Group, Attach the symbol and select Gallery without sending photos. Most people think that this option is only optional to send text documents and PDFs as naturally.

You can send without losing clarity by the following method :

  • Select document instead of photo


➡️Now click on Browse Other Docs

➡️Now choose photo or video which you want to send.

➡️➡️The person from the other side will successfully receive the images or videos.

That’s it.

However, when we are sending the form of the form, the larger thumbnails are not visible to the gallery. Choosing the desired photos will be a little difficult. Also the recipients of the other are not able to see the photos preview in Whatsapp. The only thing that can be downloaded in the photo is to see them.

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