New upcoming features of WhatsApp 

In 2017 WhatsApp brought hole new features like new emojis and delete option specification. Here are the new reported upcoming features of WhatsApp… 

Voice to Video Call Switch

First spotted by WABeta info, WhatsApp will soon give you the option to switch to video calls during voice calls. There will be a dedicated icon for the switch and tapping on it will send a request to the other party for a video call. If the request is rejected, then the voice call will continue as before.

Group call

WhatsApp is also reported to extend voice and video calls to group conversations as well. Voice and video calls are currently available for one-on-one conversations only. There was a mention of group calls in one of the WhatsApp beta updates for Android, further hinting at the possibility.

Instagram Stories on WhatsApp

Facebook recently rolled out the option, to let users export their Instagram Stories on Facebook. The social networking giant is now extending the same feature for WhatsApp. This essentially means, users will soon be able to post Instagram Stories directly as WhatsApp Stories. Interestingly, WhatsApp uses one’s mobile number while an Instagram account can be created with an email or Facebook ID. This new feature would be possible through a code that enables WhatsApp to link with third-party apps.

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