[ Fixed ] PUBG Mobile Game Mic Not Working Issue on Android | IOS Phones

One of the Player Asked : 

So I’ve been playing the game for a month or so with no mic/audio problems, I get on to play some duo a day ago and my mic just isn’t working in the game, the icon won’t even appear that I’m talking. My mic works, I can use it on other games, and on discord. I’ve even reinstalled the game, and it still won’t work. I’m out of options, does anyone know if this is the games fault right now? or just some error I’m having and possibly how to fix this. I’ve tried multiple solutions online to no avail, thanks.

Other PUBG Mobile gamers have joined the conversation to confirm that the same problem happens to them and that it appears to be an issue within the game rather than an isolated bug.

So, we guess that it is actually good news for a lot of gamers that the issue appears to be widespread rather than isolated to individual people. It definitely removes the intricacies of having to troubleshoot account-specific voice/chat problems. We can now only hope that Tencent and partners respond to the issues with haste and release a fix in the form of an app update on iOS and Android to sort of the voice/chat problems.

[Latest Fix] PUBG Mobile Microphone Not Working Problem (Android / iOS)

Please note that this fix is for PUBG Mobile English version.

Step 1: Before you start the game, you need to make a call to your friend. Please stay on the call and launch your game till the main countdown. While in lobby, call your friends and ask them to join. In case you are unable to make a call from lobby also, then no need to worry as this trick will fix that also.

Step 2: While staying on the call, you need to start the game. Once you start the game you will find that your microphone is working.

Quite cool and simple trick. Isn’t it? Well! This is it. Just two steps you need to undertake and your game’s microphone will start working again. Great thing about this trick is that it is not operating system dependent. It will work on Android as well as iOS operating system.

In this way, folks and ladies, I trust you’ve got understood the over 2 stages to settle the receiver issue that you just ar trying in PUBG Mobile. If it is not an excessive amount of bother observe of this is not the official technique to settle the difficulty be that because it might, it, certainly, works and till the purpose once the official fix arrives you’ll keep utilizing mouthpiece within the diversion by utilizing the antecedently mentioned 2 stages.

In the event that your electronic equipment is so far not operating, despite the very fact that, you have got taken once the aforesaid steps at that time please allow us to rely on identical by recording it within the remarks section beneath. to boot, on the off probability that you just will effectively resolve the mouthpiece issue utilizing this guide, at that time likewise please place it down within the remarks space at a lower place.

Also, on the off probability that you just have another route as a primary concern through that you settled the electronic equipment issue in PUBG Mobile, we are going to like to hear that from you. Benevolently allow us to rely on that therefore our perusers will likewise profit by identical.

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