Samsung secretly unveils its foldable smartphone at Ces

Foldable displays have been a mainstay of science fiction films for decades, and Samsung might make them a reality pretty soon. A select group of VIPs was reportedly shown the company’s prototype with a foldable display at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to ETNews.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone is said to have a 7.3-inch OLED display that can be folded inward at a curvature of 0.1mm and outward at a curvature of 0.5 mm. The engineering required to make the display bend outward is said to have been more complex and time-consuming than the inward bend. Samsung Display, the company’s panel-producing sub-division, has been bending the display a dozen times a day to ensure that it can withstand as many as 200,000 folds, but it was apparently worth the effort. At a curvature of 0.1 mm, the Samsung’s prototype can almost fold like paper.

The upcoming Samsung device would arrive in two versions: an infolding type smartphone which could go into production sometime around November this year. Another is an outfolding type having lesser curvature rate (5R) than infolding (1R) but with more advanced next-generation technology to address durability issues.

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