Top 5 Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code

Why Should we Use an Online HTML Editor?

The best thing about online HTML editors is that they'll run directly in your web browser. Your web browser is the best and most relevant tool for processing and rendering HTML code. That is, after all, its entire purpose and reason for being.

An online HTML editor can dynamically refresh itself as you write and change the markup. There is no need to flip back and forth between windows. You tweak the HTML on one side, the changes automatically occur on the other side.

Online HTML editors are as portable as they come. No matter what machine you’re on, you can access the web editor as long as you have an internet connection. No need to install and configure a standalone editor that you may or may not use again.

Here's The List :

1. Codepen

Codepen is a “social development environment” for web developers, which basically means it’s an online editor with sharing and collaboration features. The editor itself is simple: a panel for HTML, a panel for CSS, and a panel for JavaScript, plus a panel for real-time preview. All panel sizes can be adjusted by dragging the edges around.

2. JSBin

Image result for JSBin

JSBin is like a simpler and cleaner alternative to JSFiddle. You can edit any combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript just by toggling the panels with the top toolbar, and you can toggle the preview panel and a console panel for maximum flexibility

3. JSFiddle

JSFiddle is pretty much what it sounds like: a sandbox where you can fiddle around with JavaScript. But seeing as how JavaScript goes hand in hand with HTML and CSS, you can edit all three with JSFiddle’s editing interface — and you can skip the JavaScript altogether.

4. HTMLhouse

HTMLhouse is a good option if you only care about HTML (i.e. no CSS or JavaScript). It’s extremely clean and minimal, split vertically with editing on the left and real-time preview on the right. One nifty feature is the ability to publish your HTML and share it privately (with the provided URL) or publicly (it gets added to HTMLhouse’s Browse page). It’s simple but effective, which is exactly where an online HTML editor comes into play and excels.

5. Liveweave

Image result for Liveweave

Liveweave is similar to the previous editor above, with an interface that’s more pleasing to the eye (though your preferences may vary). Like JSFiddle, Liveweave allows for real-time collaboration, and like JSBin, it lets you link in predefined third-party resources like jQuery.

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