Using Torrent Sites ? Read This Before Using. 

It is known that most of the torrent sites have been downloaded to download pirated movies, games and software.

These torrent sites uses visitors cpu power to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoins this method is called Hijacking

There is a lot of awareness about the content downloaded from these sites like malware and trojan. Hackers are indirectly entitled to these sites for downloading malware into files.

Prominent torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay have begun to follow a new route to boost their revenue. The same bitcoin mining. When you search for any movie or songs on sites like Pirate Bay, a javascript is incorporated in the search results pages.

This script uses CPU power in your computer / laptop and uses CPU power to turn the site’s bitcoins off. That’s how you make money through your system without getting upset.

Now in the same manner, other torrent websites are equipped to use our computer power using bit coin mining. When you use these sites, you can find the CPU usage increased when you open the task manager.

There will be a solution for every problem, to solve these type of hijacking issues, we have another post.

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