WhatsApp new feature let’s you add Group discription |switch between voice and video calls

WhatsApp has always been evolving with new features and updates since its inception, the Facebook-owned real-time messenger platform has gained a lot of features some of which have made it an indispensable app for every smartphone user. However, there’s good news once again for Android users as WhatsApp has released several new features that were limited to its Beta release for the platform.

WhatsApp for Android has rolled out several new features including the ability to add a group description, search for group participants directly from the Group Info screen and seamlessly switch between voice and videos calls. Last month, the new ‘Group Description’ feature was spotted on the Android beta and Windows version of the WhatsApp app. Meanwhile, the option of switching between voice and video calls as well as the ability to search for a participant from the group info window itself is already available for WhatsApp users on iOS.

WhatsApp’s Group Description feature lets the user add Group description by simply tapping on the Group name below the group picture. When a group description is added, a message pops up in the Group, stating that the particular member has added a description. When the description is removed, another blue notification appears in the group that it has been removed. Non-Group admins can also add a group description.
The updated WhatsApp for Android lastly includes an easy switching experience between voice and video calls. There is a video button that appears during voice calls to let users switch from a voice call to a video call. This was first seen in the WhatsApp beta for Android in January, and came to the iPhone version in February.

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