Why my Battery is Draining Fastly ? Top reasons for death of your battery.

Don’t Use The Facebook App! (Use The Mobile Website Instead)

It’s strong language, but it’s true: The Facebook app for Android is horrible. The only way to stop the Facebook app from constantly checking for notifications and eating up battery life is to log out of the app.

Check apps

If your battery is dying faster than in the past, see whether apps are using too much battery. If you get a notification that an app is using battery, that app is using battery while you’re not actively using the app. You can force stop or uninstall problem apps.

Some of the reasons given below :

  • The screen brightness is set too high
  • Your phone is constantly searching for Wi-Fi networks
  • Notifications are going off all day
  • Apps are staying busy in the background
  • You’re overdoing it with battery-draining apps and activities
  • You’re using resource-intensive apps
  • Apps and data are automatically syncing
  • Your software isn’t up to date
  • Your phone has a hardware issue

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